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What To Do With Silica Gel Pockets

Life Pro Tip - don't throw away those little silica gel pockets that come in the box of your new electronics devices, shoes or handbags. These silica gel pockets help to absorb moisture in the air, prolonging the life of anything that would spoil because of condensation or excess moisture.  Here are a couple of ideas on how you can put them to good use: Throw a couple of silica gel pockets into your gym bag.  Keep your gym bag fresh by tossing some silica gel packets in Sweaty clothes, wet items and forgotten snacks create a conducive environment for mold and bacteria growth in your gym bag.  The silica gel pockets will suck moisture from your bag and that will help to reduce the growth of nasty and smelly bacteria in your bag.  Put some silica gel pockets in your toolbox  Prevent your tools from rusting with Silica Gel Packets  Moisture can cause your tools to rust. Prevent your tools from rusting by keeping some silica gel pockets in your toolbox to keep it relatively moisture fr