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How To Disable WordPress Comments

Tired of all the spam comments on your blog? If you're using WordPress, here's how to turn comments off. You're going to be wondering why you didn't do this sooner. 1. Disable Comments Blog-wide 1. Go to Settings on your WordPress menu and click on 'Discussion'. 2. Make sure you have unselected 'Allow people to submit comments on new posts'. Press the Save Changes button at the bottom. This will disable comments on your blog going forward but if  posts that you have already published allow comments, then you will need to disable the comment section for the posts individually. 2. Disable comment section for individual posts 1. Select the individual post that you want to disable comments for and press the edit button. 2.  Under the 'Post' tab, scroll down to the 'Discussion' section and unselect 'Allow comments'. 3. Press the Update button at the top once you're done with all the changes that you'd like to make. --- With the