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Keep Your Shoes Fresh and Odor-Free: Tips and Tricks

Are you feeling conscious of the odor coming from your shoes? Say goodbye to smelly feet with these simple solutions. Tip #1 - Place a Tea Bag In Your Shoes Place a tea bag in each shoe to keep them fresh and odor-free. Tea bags don't kill bacteria that cause foot odor, but they can help to absorb the moisture that bacteria thrive on. The main cause of foot odor is bacteria on the feet 'eating' sweat and secreting a bad odor. So, the first step is to get rid of the moisture in order to keep the bacteria under control. Tip #2 - Use Zinc Oxide Powder Another tip is to use Zinc Oxide powder to keep bacteria under control. Zinc Oxide powder doesn't allow the bacteria that cause foot odor to survive, period. Rub it on your feet, between your toes, and into the sides of your nails where the bacteria can hide. Sprinkle it in your shoes, spread it around so the insides are covered. It'll take about a week but after that, you will notice much less foot odor and your shoes w