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10 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

10 kitchen gadgets that make life easier
Whether it is separating egg whites, measuring the right amount of spaghetti or slicing apples, there's an easier way to do that. These ten kitchen gadgets will save you lots of time so you can spend it on better things and hopefully make your life a lot easier as well. 

1. Quirky Pluck Egg White Separator
Quirky Egg White Separator

Quirky Egg White Separator 2

From bodybuilders to soccer moms, egg whites are a great healthy breakfast choice. But separating the yolk from the whites can seem like pulling a rabbit from a hat. Enter Quirky’s Pluck, the yolk extractor you’ll have to see to believe.

Simply place it over the yolk of an already cracked egg, squeeze the silicone chamber, and release to suck the egg yolk up into it. To dispose of its contents, just give Pluck another squeeze and move onto the next egg.

Spaghetti Measure 1

With the Spaghetti Measure, Joseph Joseph have devised an innovative and simple solution to determining the correct amount of pasta to make.

Simply use the lever to open and close the adjustable aperture, allowing you to control the portion sizes for one to four servings.

3. Amco Dial-A-Slice Adjustable Apple Corer and Slicer ($16.21)
Apple Slicer

Unlike most apple slicers, this tool produces two sizes of uniformly sliced apples. With a downward push, it cores an apple and cuts it into thin slices for use in baking and cooking, or thicker wedges for eating out of hand. Cut apples into 16 thin slices or 8 thick wedges easily.

No drip honey dispenser

No Drip Honey Dispenser - a neat, easy way to avoid the sticky drips that come with standard pour-bottles.

peel fruits and vegetables easily

Eliminate the need for several different vegetable peelers with this compact design, which incorporates three essential styles of blades, all in one unit.

Simply select the desired blade - standard, serrated or julienne - by rotating the unit’s brushed metal hub, until the desired blade is fully exposed.

The Rotary Peeler makes short work of even the toughest fruit or vegetable skin and the design also includes a potato-eye remover.

- Standard blade perfect for potatoes and carrots.
- Soft skin blade can be used on tomatoes and kiwi.
- Julienne blade can be used on any fruit or vegetable for thin matchstick strips.

Boiled egg timer

This remarkable little timer uses temperature instead of time to perfectly gauge whether a boiled egg is soft, medium or hard. It absorbs heat exactly as an egg does, changing color from the outside edge in to show the level of done-ness.

Rest this ingenious plastic egg on the pan bottom and it will change color as the boiling eggs progress from raw to soft, medium or hard boiled.

7. Triple Pan ($48)
Triple pan

Triple Pan is an appropriate name for this practical pan which allows you to cook several things at once. The pan is divided into 3 parts, making it perfect for busy mornings and small kitchens.

In the middle, the shape is ideal for Tamagoyaki, the japanese rolled omelettes. Meat or fish on the left side, vegetable on the right side.

8. Mono-giro Apple Slicer ($55)
Apple slicer

The mono-giro Apple Slicer lets you slice an apple in spiral form around the core with its down-turned blade and very little effort.Place giro on the started apple, finish it later, and it will neither dry out or brown.

Boil Over Stopper Lid

The Boil-Over Spill Stopper more messy water spills to clean more watching a boiling pot.

Even when boiling pasta or potatoes, there’s no messy overflow to clean up with this curved, vented lid. Its saucer-like shape lets steam, foam and liquid escape, while containing water and retaining heat like a regular lid.

Whisky Chill Cubes

Enjoy a whiskey on the rocks without diluting your drink’s flavor and aroma.simply place a pre-chilled stainless-steel cube in your glass and your drink stays cold!

There you have it - 10 innovative gadgets to make your life in the kitchen a breeze. If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear from you! 


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