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23 Inspiring Quotes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 1

We know what we are, but know not what we may be - William Shakespeare 

Wise words by William Shakespeare and we truly believe in the motto that the best is yet to be! With that said, here are 23 inspiring quotes that will uplift you, serve as a reminder or even give you a new perspective on life. 2015 is almost ending but here's to closing it out on a high note and to an even better 2016.

1. If there is no way... create one!

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 2

2. Struggle Today = Strength Tomorrow

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 3

3. You might be the only one who believes in your dream

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 4

4. Don't be afraid to go it alone

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 5

5. Failure means an opportunity to try again better

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 6

6. To succeed, your desire to succeed must override your fear of failure

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 7

7. How do you like your tea?

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 8

8. Times may be tough... but the Rainbow at the end makes it worth it

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 9

9. Focus on what you can change

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 10

10. Attitude makes a big difference!

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 11

11. You can achieve what you imagine

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 12

12. Stop underestimating yourself!

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 13

13. Goals are like magnets

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 14

14. Create a vision that excites you!

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 15

15. You need to believe in yourself

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 16

16. All your limits are self-constructed

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 17

17. You only fail when you stop trying

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 18

18. You have a choice

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 19

19. Don't wish. Do.

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 20

20. Get shit done!

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 21

21. Don't have any regrets

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 22

22. Work hard in silence... Your success will be deafening!

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 23

23. Last but most important... don't procrastinate, start now!

Successful Entrepreneur Quotes 24

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