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How To Enable Twitter Dark Mode

How To Enable Twitter Dark Mode

It seems like every major website has rolled out a 'Dark Mode' option that allows users to toggle the background color to black and change the font text to either white or a light color. Twitter is no exception to the hype and in this post, I will show you how to enable Twitter Dark Mode.

How To Enable Twitter Dark Mode

1. Click on 'More' to expand the options menu.

Enable Twitter Dark Mode 1

2. Click on 'Display' to expand the list of display options to choose from.
Enable Twitter Dark Mode 2

3. Twitter has two dark-mode options. 'Lights Out' which is a true dark mode and 'Dim' which is sort of an in-between. Choose your preference and then click 'Done' to save your changes.

Enable Twitter Dark Mode 3

There you have it - enable dark-mode on Twitter in three easy steps. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn't have an 'adaptive dark mode' feature which automatically toggles between normal mode and dark mode depending on the time of day. Maybe they will add such a feature in the future. 

How Popular Is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode Popularity In Search Trends

The awareness of dark mode has increased tremendously in the last five years. Search volume for the term 'dark mode' was non-existent back in 2016 but now the average search volumes for 'dark mode' are ten times what they were five years ago.

What Are The Benefits Of Dark Mode?

There's a lot of debate as to whether dark-mode is beneficial or not. Here are some of the purported benefits:

Helps To Reduce Eye-Strain And Glare

The first benefit of switching to dark mode is that it reduces the brightness, glare and blue-light that reaches our eyes. This helps to reduce eye-strain which can lead to headaches. 

Glare and blue-light has also been found to reduce the production of melatonin by our bodies. Melatonin is a hormone released by the pineal gland that regulates our sleep cycle. This explains why we find it hard to sleep after staring at our bright monitor screen at night.

Reduces Power Usage And Saves Battery

In a presentation at the Android Dev Summit '18, Google revealed that using your android smartphone in dark mode extended its battery life. black pixels drew less power.

Power Usage Of Different Pixel Colors
The above picture is a slide from the Android Dev Summit '18. It shows how Max Brightness White draws more than four times the current of Max Brightness Black.

White uses the most power, followed by blue, then green, then red, and finally black. Therefore, by using dark mode and reducing the amount of white pixels on the screen, we can reduce the current drawn and therefore increase battery life.

What are the drawbacks of dark mode?

It's not all good when it comes to dark mode. There are some disadvantages as well. Light text on a dark background is hard to read when the room you're in is bright and sunny with adequate light. This could mean having to strain to read the words on the page, leading to eye fatigue. 

Also, you won't save much battery if you're using an LCD screen. In order to save power, you need to be using an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) screen. 

The verdict on dark mode may still be out there but I hope you have still found this guide on how to enable dark mode on twitter useful. Would like to hear any comments you may have and if you have any requests or suggestions, please do comment!


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