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How To Turn Bluetooth On Windows 11


Turn on bluetooth windows 11

Need to connect your Bluetooth device to a Windows 11 computer? You need to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11 first. Here are all the ways to do so in Windows 11, including the Bluetooth Network Connections and Device Manager.

1. Quick Settings Menu

Windows Quick Settings Menu to turn on bluetooth
Quick Settings menu usually found on the bottom right of the Windows Taskbar

The easiest way to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11 is to use the Quick Settings menu. The Quick Settings menu is the group of indicators that can be found on the bottom right of the screen, next to your date and time on the taskbar.

Expanded Windows 11 Quick Settings Menu
Expanded Windows 11 Quick Settings menu that shows if Bluetooth is enabled

Check whether the Bluetooth icon is colored. If it is, then Bluetooth is already turned on. If it is grey, click the Bluetooth icon to turn it on. Once you have clicked the Bluetooth icon, it will be colored, to indicate that Bluetooth has been enabled on Windows 11.

By default, Bluetooth should already be listed in the Quick Settings list. If you don't see it in the list, click the pencil icon at the bottom, then click "Add," and then select "Bluetooth".

2. Windows Settings

Bluetooth can also be enabled via Windows Settings on Windows 11:

Bluetooth and Other Devices Settings Windows 11
The Bluetooth and devices settings page on Windows 11

Launch Settings by pressing Windows + i on your keyboard.

Under “Bluetooth & devices” settings, flip the "Bluetooth" to the "On" position.

If you don’t have a Windows key, you can also search for “Bluetooth and other devices settings” in the Search bar. This will take you directly to the "Bluetooth and devices settings" page.

3. Control Panel

If you’re unable to locate Bluetooth in the Quick Settings or Windows Settings mentioned above, then the most likely cause is due to your PC’s Bluetooth adapter being disabled. Here's how to enable your Bluetooth adapter on Windows 11:

Enable the Bluetooth Connection on Windows 11
Enable the Bluetooth Network Connection on Windows 11

Open the Run command by pressing the ‘Windows key + r’.

Enter the command ncpa.cpl which will take you to the Network Connections page. On the Network Connections page, you should be able to see your Bluetooth, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections.

If you see that the Bluetooth Network Connection is grey like in the picture above, right-click on Bluetooth Network Connection and select ‘Enable’.

4. Device Manager

Finally, if none of the methods listed above worked for you, then one final option is to enable the Bluetooth adapter via Windows’ Device Manager. Here are the steps to do so:

Check Bluetooth enabled in Device Manager in Windows 11
Check that Bluetooth has been enabled in the Device Manager

Press the Windows key and type ‘Device Manager’. Click on Open to open the Device Manager. Alternatively, you can search for Device Manager in your Windows search bar.

Expand the Bluetooth section by double-clicking on it.

Right-click the Bluetooth adapter and select ‘Enable device’.

Once done, you will notice that the icon changes and that your previously paired devices will show up in the Bluetooth section of Device Manager.

Closing Thoughts on Turning on Bluetooth in Windows 11

Once you have enabled Bluetooth in Windows 11, the next step is to pair your Bluetooth device with your computer. Different devices require different steps.

Now that you have paired your Bluetooth device with your computer, you might be interested to read more about how to improve your Bluetooth speed and prevent dropping connections.


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