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44 Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates

One of the most important decisions you can make when starting your blog or site is it's theme design or template. Your site's them not only sets the mood for your readers, but also plays a big part in SEO, multi-device usability and social-sharing, all of which play a big part in determining the success of your blog.

Unfortunately, the default options available in Blogger have not been refreshed, looking like they're from the early 00's. Not to worry - many HTML and CSS designers have stepped in to fill the void with custom theme designs being made available for Blogger. We've trawled through the newer offerings to bring you 44 terrific free Blogger templates - check them out!

To help navigate through this long list, we've categorized the templates as best we can. Click on the links to go to the relevant section. Some templates are versatile and their look and feel can be used for a variety of blog categories.

Personal Blog Blogger Templates 2016
Fashion And Beauty Blog Blogger Templates 2016
Magazine Blogger Templates 2016
Travel Blogger Templates 2016
Photography Blogger Templates 2016
Minimalist Blogger Templates 2016
Grid Style Blogger Templates 2016

Personal Blog Blogger Templates 2016


Blogari is a very simplistic yet professional high quality theme for Blogger. It offers a highly optimized design for faster browsing, better search engine rankings, and super easy customization. Blogari is a Blogger theme meant for the needs of every passionate blogger.


A fuss-free, elegant design is much needed to retain your visitors and the minimalist, responsive, Vienna blog template is totally focused to fulfill this need. The Vienna Blog Template is a Free Blogger Template build especially for daily hobby bloggers who love to share their story, whether it is about Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty or just a Personal Blog.

Vienna Blogger Template has a clean and minimalist design - guaranteed to bring a pleasant reading experience to your readers


Swift is a premium, fully responsive, Retina-Ready blogger theme with a modern design. It is very code-light, making it quick to load, and has a clean look that’s ideal for a blog or magazine.

Feminist Clean And Responsive Blogger Template

Feminist is an awesome Responsive Blogger Template which brings simple and clean design focusing on simplicity, usability and user experience. It is the perfect choice for your personal blog, niche blog, Fashion blog, OOTD blog, authority blog or any type of simple magazine.

Elmax Blogger Template

Elmax is a simple, clean, responsive and SEO optimized Blogger theme. Elmax Blogger Template has multi-level navigation menu, social profile buttons, post share buttons, right sidebar, Google fonts, related posts and more.

Timeline Responsive Blogger Template

Timeline is a revolutionary, responsive Blogger template, intended to showcase your blog in a timeline style. Resembling the Facebook timeline, it offers many more features like embedded text, multimedia player, background image slideshow, etc.

Live Demo | Download

Clean Blogger Responsive Template for Personal Blogs

Clean blogger - a responsive template best suited for personal blogs and status blogs to share articles quickly.

Fashion And Beauty Blog Blogger Templates 2016

1800 Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) Blogger Template

1800 is a minimalist responsive blogger template perfect for blogs like Outfit Of The Day, Fashion Blogs or personal magazines.

SCOOP Responsive Fashion Blogger Template

The SCOOP Fashion Blogger Template is a fully responsive blogger template crafted with love and care for women bloggers who own Outfit of the day and Fashion Blogs.

Loveria Responsive Fashion Blogger Template

The pink-themed, Loveria is a responsive Blogger template created specially for makeup blogs, hair blogs, fashion websites. Includes social and ad elements that will make your site look like a professional website and allow your readers to connect with you.

Flatness Responsive Fashion Blog Template

Flatness is a fully responsive Fashion blog theme that designed with style publishers on Blogger in mind! Keeping things simple and elegant so that any fashion blogger – even those without an IT background can use it. Put your reader at ease with this theme!

Absolute Responsive Blogger Template

Absolute is a beautiful image rich blog theme designed to make sharing your images and stories a pleasure. Its strength is its simplicity and flexibility, a modern blogger personal blog template that presents your work and content with absolute clarity and impact.

Melody Responsive Simple Blog Template

Melody is a simple blog theme that is extremely customizable and works well with all desktop and mobile devices. It has a ton of built-in features and is compatible with almost all the modern browsers. Easy to use and suitable for every type of business, Melody gives you the opportunity to feature tons of content without making your website feel cramped or messy.

LollyPop Responsive Blogger Template

LollyPop is a feature rich Blogger Template which comprise of clean design and flexible functionalities and is designed for stylish bloggers. Built with the latest CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery, the combination of which makes the design looks awesome when you apply it.

Magazine Blogger Templates 2016

Ocean Mag Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Finally, a three column template on the list. Choose the Ocean Mag template if you have long article headlines and articles. Complete with social sharing features including WhatsApp. One nifty feature of this template is that the author's bio persists on the right as ou scroll through the article.

NEOMAGz Responsive Blogger Template

The Neomagz responsive template is the perfect solution for online magazines, news websites, professional blogs and other editorial related projects. Fully responsive, it looks great on the desktop, mobile devices and tablets. Create online magazines for fashion, travel, lifestyle, glamour or any other editorial website.

Yo!Mag Responsive Blogger Template

Yo..! MAG is a versatile Free Blogger Template with an awesome magazine style that has been carefully crafted with keeping news and magazine websites in mind.

SIMPLY MAG Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Simply Mag is a clean, customizable and feature rich blogger template that can be used for categories such as Technology, Magazine, Entertainment Blogs and much more. One thing worth noting is that this template has optimized ad placements so that you can earn more while your readers scroll through your magazine.

SEO Beast Responsive Blogger Template

A good, responsive magazine blogger template is designed with the aim of following Google's algorithm so that you can improve your blog's results in the search index and improve your competitiveness.

HotMag Responsive Blogger Template

Hotmag is a responsive, 2 column blogger template with a fluid responsive layout mostly suitable for Magazines, News and Tech Blogs. Notable features include the fact that it is ads ready, social icons, social share Buttons, and a threaded commenting system. Hotmag is a Search Engine Optimized Blogger template so you will never go down because of On-Page SEO Issues.

Aerial Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Aerial is a beautifully designed blogger template which gives you the freedom to focus on your content and enhance it with great images. It is a perfect choice for a news, newspaper, magazine, or review site. Aerial uses the best clean SEO practices and is integrated with social sharing features.

Wagazine Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Wagazine is an AdSense Optimized Responsive Magazine Blogger Template for news or magazine sites with ads placed in prime locations to get maximum profit from monetizing your blog. It is also focused on attracting and keeping visitors to the site and has been engineered with Search Engine Optimization in mind. Perfect for News, Magazine or portfolio websites.

FastMag Responsive Blogger Template

FastMag is a lightweight responsive blogger template for writers, journalists and photographers. It is minimalist in design and takes just a few seconds to load and get everything running. This template has significant features that are required for a magazine based blog. The layout of this template is adapted from WordPress so you will notice a glimpse of that platform too.

Travel Blogger Templates 2016

Mag Zilla Responsive Travel Blog Template

Mag Zilla is a responsive blogger theme boasting a variety of robust features and carefully crafted to impress any audience. Whether your passion is travel, business, or gaming, Mag Zilla's stunning featured look area is sure to catch your visitor’s eye. Showcase your content prominently with Mag Zilla blogger template.

Viewer Responsive Blogger Template

The Viewer is a clean stylish review and magazine responsive blogger template that allows you to focus on content including games, travel destinations, films, blogger magazines, technology etc. With a focus on reducing bounce rates while increasing ad exposure, this theme will keep your visitors scrolling for more content all while maximizing your ad revenue.

Sense Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Sense, is a fresh, modern and easy-to-use magazine blogger theme with flexible and responsive layout. Sense is suitable for any kind of personal, travel, hobby, life style and tutorial blog etc.

Honey - A Responsive Blogger Theme

Honey is crafted for lifestyle & travel bloggers to share their stories in a beautiful way. It is content focused, socially integrated and has a good mobile-friendly design.

ShotMag - Minimalist Responsive Blogger Template for Photoblog

ShotMag is a refined and responsive Blogger template for tourists, bloggers, filmmakers, photographers, and creative professionals. With this template, you will find it easy to create, add new and modify your online portfolio. It's a clean and beautiful design for every screen size.

Firenze Responsive Blogger Template

Firenze is a modern, clean, and responsive Blogger template which will really make your blog standout and give your visitors a nice perspective of your blogging.  It is suitable for Travel blogs, Food blogs, Fashion blogs, Design blogs, Programming blogs and Technology blogs.

Photography Blogger Templates 2016

Fabulous Responsive Blogger Template

Fabulous is a responsive blogger template with user friendly design. It’s design simple and clean, perfect for a variety of purposes, although focused towards photographers and those using portfolios to display their past and present collections.

Sleek Responsive Blogger Template

Sleek Blogger Template is a photography based fully responsive theme. It has a modern portfolio layout with sliding cool responsive navigation that work awesomely on click. This theme is suitable for photographers, writers and journalists.

Pulse Responsive Blogger Template

Pulse is a beautifully crafted, clean, responsive, minimalist magazine / blog theme. It satisfies every blogger's needs whether he or she is a fashion blogger, lifestyle blogger, photographer or even Outfit of the day bloggers.

Kamera Photo-blog blogger template is a responsive theme for showcasing your photography to the world in a professional way. This template focuses on your images, pictures including video files and exposes them to your fans so that they can engage with your blog's content.

Blend Responsive Photo Blogger Template

Blend is a responsive, simple and beautiful blogger template that focuses on personal blog writing. The unique design concept with minimalist features will reflect amazing quality style writing to your visitor. Minimalism, elegance and simplicity are the words that describes the blend blog theme.

Camera-Man Responsive Blogger Template

Camera-Man is a responsive Blogger template created with Photographers, Bloggers, Models in mind, boasting a clean and minimalist design and optimized for mobile too. It is easy to use and is a perfect fit for bloggers, photographers,models etc. who need a beautiful platform to showcase their work.

Minimalist Blogger Templates 2016

Minimal - Clean and Responsive Blogger Template

Minimal is a responsive, clean and minimalist Blogger theme. It has a light and bright blog theme, tailored to showcase your content in an effortlessly timeless style. If you are looking for a minimalist Blogger template then this is a good option for you.

PiSquare Responsive Minimalist Blogger Template

Pi Square is a minimalist and at the same time feature rich responsive design blogger template for every purpose. It has been designed to fit every blogger in a creative profession or who even writes as a hobby.

Patus Responsive Blogger Template

Patus is a responsive, minimal and fast, personal blogging template for Blogger with auto-post summaries on homepage.

2016 Responsive Blogger Template

2016 is a clean and responsive Blogger template. A light & bright blog theme, tailored to showcase your content in an effortlessly timeless style.

iGenius Responsive Blogger Template

iGenius is a responsive Blogger template with a minimalist, clean, elegant and modern design. It features four header layouts, two content layouts, useful custom widgets, and an easy & user-friendly template options panel which makes your work easier and brings out the beauty of your blog.

Velocity Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Velocity Magazine a perfect responsive, minimal Magazine style blogger template is loaded with features to make your blogging experience easier and smoother.

Grid Style Blogger Templates 2016

Creative - Clean and Responsive Blogger Template

Creative is a responsive and beautifully minimalist portfolio Blogger template, making your talent the focal point of your portfolio. It is perfect for artists from any discipline - web, graphic design, motion, print, art… anyone that needs a showcase.

Simple Grid Responsive Blogger Template

The Simple Grid Responsive Blogger Template is made specially for those who like their blog in a grid view for better focus.

Gridz Responsive Blogger Template

Gridz is a clean and creative, responsive Blogger template which brings grid-based masonry design. It is very code-light, making it quick to load, and has a clean look that’s ideal for blogs or magazines. A good choice for your personal blog, fashion blog, photography blog, creative blog or any type of simple magazine.

That's the list of 44 Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates. We hope you've found it useful. This is also the first post in our Blogger Resources series where we share tips and how-tos related to the Blogger/Blogspot platform. Stay tuned for more!    


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